Danica Dillan All That is Perceived 

"Happy New Year's Eve" to allÖ Letís wrap up 2010 with Danica Dillon, sheís up for AVNís Best New Starlet of the year award. This week Tom Moore gets to show Danica just how much fun bdsm can be. Danica having had a bad experience with S&M some time ago came to me with the hopes of changing her mind about bondage and submission. I donít know what happened in the past to Danica, but it was going to be my job with Tom Mooreís help to right any wrongs done to this sexy lady.

Danica is avery sex positive person with bondage and the darker arts of sexuality holding a great appeal to her. The thing is when playing with someone new you canít play past there comfort level and you must be willing to respect their hard no's. You have to take the time to make them feel safe and explain what youíre doing to them and just how it might make them feel. This process can take a lot of time. In the end I think itís worth it. Having a good positive experience with anything will keep you coming back for more. In Danicaís case I would defiantly like to see her naked in bondage again, coming uncontrollably, getting fucked with a dildo and a vibed unit she can't stand it.

Danica needed a positive experience, I think with the number on orgasmís she had and the big smile on her face when I walked her to her car that we achieved our goal. Danica wants to be down on the ground, ass in the air all tied up. She just wants to feel sexy about it.

As 2010 comes to a close Iíd like to thank all of our members for their loyalty and support. Without you none of this would be possible. I know you have lots of choices out there so "Thank You" for choosing FetishNation and being part of my bondage and S&M vision.

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Kayla Paige Intent 

This week Kayla Paige gets my full attention. I walked in and there was Kayla Paige standing naked in heels at the end of the room. I thought to myself, ďThis is going to be a good day.Ē Kayla is stunning, she has amazingly long legs, a hot spankable ass, great tits, pretty face and the desire to be here. What more could you want. As it turns out Kayla is more of a bondage girl. Although a little S.M. thrown in will be just fine. Spanking, clamps, and flogging... So my thought was to get Kayla to orgasm as many times as possible during the day in bondage. Itís good to have a plan. Kaylaís multi Orgasmic and itís a good thing because the day was one long orgasmfest for her. Bondage rocks Kaylaís world. Thereís nothing like cuming in bondage.

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Roxanne Hall in Pains Sweet Embrace 

Roxanne Hall doesn't bottom in public much less on the internet, she only tops. Roxanne also has a very, very short list of people that sheíll let top her, fortunately this week Iím on that list and then filming the scene on top of that. Sometimes you just get lucky. Roxanne is gorgeous, sexy and yes and absolute pain slut with a love of canning thatís unmatched by almost anyone I know and when I say she goes there I really mean she goes there. Roxanne is one of those rare creatures that can actually orgasm from pain. Precise, exact pain, but pain none the less. The look in those beautiful eyes of hers is deep dark, extremely intense, sexually charged and simply amazing.

"I donít do warm up", Roxanne tells me with a look in her eyes that says bring it on bitch. Itís the look that only someone that really plays gets before a scene. Itís the look of ďMake MeĒ. "Make me show you respect and why should I." "If youíre going to top me, prove to me why I should bottom or even sub to you." Hesitate or show weakness to someone like Roxanne when youíre playing with them and they instantly lose respect and eat you alive. Thatís why itís called ďpower exchangeĒ. When itís good itís really good and with Roxanne it was really good.

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Elise Graves State of Pain 

Whoís a little pain slut? Elise Graves is, thatís who, in more than an hours worth of video.

Iím fresh off the plane from a great week in Jamaica at Kink in the Caribbean. Really if you havenít gone itís a must. Lots of world class kinky people and loads of fun. Because I do this for a living itís more like a busmanís holiday, but well worth it. And who to my delight do I see on the schedule when I return but, Elise Graves. This one eats pain and sexualizes it as much or more than anyone I know. What a nice welcome home after a kinky week.

Itís been all most a year since Iíve had my hands on her tight little ass and Iím really looking forward to playing with her. Elise orgasms harder and longer than all most anyone I know. Sheís a really heavy sub, meaning that she can take a lot and loves it. She lives for this stuff. Nice tight bondage, getting single tailed and enduring these evil metal clamps I picked up in Japan several years ago. Elise is a true pain slut and submissive, bondage and S.M. are a release for her on a level that most people will never know, a physical, emotional , even spiritual release, and "yes" sexual.

State of Pain - Preview Full Update

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Jezebelle On The Brink 

Jezebelle Bond has one of the most perfect bodies I've ever seen from her reaI tits to her round ass and shaved pussy. She is smokin' hot! I order her to masturbate and fuck herself as I watch and help her out from time to time. I just couldn't help myself. Lots of controlled orgasm play. After making this hot slut suffer with tight pussy clamps and strict bondage positions she is allowed to cum for our pleasure. Jezebelle is so unbelievably sexy when she cumís you just want to make a day of tying her up and getting her off.

Some woman are just liquid sex and Jezebelle is one of them.

Keeping Her On The Brink with Jezebelle Bond

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Annie Cruz Cruel Intent 

Annie hasnít bottomed in almost two years. Why you may ask would she bottom now ? Because for almost two years she's been topping, or because sheís a dirty little pain slut and she misses it, or is it because she always wanted to work with Fetishnation and this is her chance. All the above would be the correct answer. A mutual friend January Seraph made the introductions. We talked and then set up a date.

Annie is wet and willing after almost two years of Annie not being in strict restraint, not getting her hot little ass spanked or being under the control of someone. It all came rushing back to her. The intensity of orgasms in bondage. The freedom of not being in control. How wet it makes her to be slapped across the face and told what to do. To be rendered helpless. Submissive slut Annie Cruz is back and hungry for some intense bondage play and as many orgasms as she can get. The afternoon went by all too quickly.

Cruel Intent with Annie Cruz

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Sex Machine Sea J Raw 

We love Sea J. Raw here at Fetishnation and thatís why sheís back again. This hyper sexual pain slut is always a good time. Sea J. is as tough as they come. Spank that hot ass of hers and she backs up and asks for more. Use the cane on her and she spreads her legs and cumís. I tie her upright and lace clamps up and down her pussy. She loses all control. She begs for a ride on the fucking machine which she see's sitting in the corner. You see, Sea Jís never been on one before and sheís dying to see what itís like. As the fucking machine pounds relentlessly away on Sea J. all she can do is have screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm. She's also totally hot.

This is why we keep having her back.

And did I mention that Sea J. wears the sexiest blue crystal butt plug through the whole sceneÖ

Sex Machine Sea J Raw

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Moore Please of Randy 

Randy Moore makes her debut this week in a sexy rope bondage set. Iíve been trying to get Randy to come and join us for some time now but, sheís kind of on the fence about just how naughty she wants to be online. So, lets start here and work our way up to a full blown scene shall we. Randy loves rope bondage. That feeling of sexy and helplessness all rolled in to one. As the ropes got tighter she got more comfortable. I donít know why, it just works that way sometimes. Her knees kept getting farther and farther apart. Randy is one extra hot piece of ass.

Hereís to having her back soonÖ

Moore Please with Randy Moore

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Cecilia Vega Begging in Bondage 

When I asked Cecilia why she came to the FetishNation.com studio she looked up at me and "Because I am a slut and enjoy pain" in her sexy French accent. Who wouldn't love to hear that? I also wanted to hear her say she loved me and, in turn, I'd let her cum. I thought it added some surreality to our playtime. Who wouldn't fall in lust with her natural tits, rock hard body and "try anything" attitude?

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Bondage Orgasms 

I finally got my hands on the curvy Claire Dames this week. We've been trying to schedule a playdate over at the Fetish Nation dungeon for a while but life and miscommunication got in the way. I think I more than made up for it, though. I tied her ass up, played with her big tits and, of course, made her cum more (and harder) than she ever has before.

Bondage Orgasms with Claire Dames

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