Update 12.30.08 

"Fuck Me" with Victoria Red - 56 Images

Let's end 2008 on an up note shall we.. It's been such a piss pore year for so many people. So much trouble caused by those that were in power, either by design or by accident. I don't know. I... like most people think it was by design. Tacitus said and I quote, " A shocking crime was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals, with the blessing of more, and amid the passive acquiescence of all. "

So lets end 2008 with Victoria Red, the very dirty girl that she is, and Emily Marilyn, sexy and submissive.

Extreme Restraints sent me over this bondage fucking machine to play with and who better to hook up to it than Victoria Red. She has never even had the pleasure of riding one. How perfect! After giving the machine a hell of a blow job, Victoria is locked into place with leather cuffs and rope. The machine is turned on...Victoria wants to be fucked faster. She loses herself in the rhythm and bursts into orgasm much to my delight.


"Once Again" with Emily Marilyn - 46 Images

The oh so sexy Emily Marilyn hogtied for our pleasure. Really, what can I say. The pictures speak for themselves. Bound and drooling all over.


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Update 12.26.09 

"Translation Lost" with Zelinia - 40 Minutes

A friend of mine Tom Moore was heading down to Beunos Aires and asked if I'd like to Join him. It's winter here in Los Angeles (and mild at that) but a good excuse to get out of LA. Tom is one of the most perverted people I know and that's saying a lot. With the knowledge that trouble would only ever be a heart beat away when we were there, I said "yes". Now I know that F.N. is not a traveling show but over the years I've tried to shoot something for the site if possible in most of the places I've gone. I was hopping this would not be any different, except that this was not an event. I was just going on a vacation with a perverted friend of mine. All the better I thought..

Tom go's there all the time, so he must know people. The people Tom knows must be twisted I thought. We take a cab to one of Toms favorite bars the first night in town. As we're pulling up, the door man who obviously knows Tom is walking over to open the door. Tom leans over and says "Don't agree to anything". Now that's the start of an interesting evening.

One night we found this blond slut sitting at a table in a posh, OK, not so posh Club. Tom new one of her friends and after I found out she did a little Pro Dom work on the side I thought it my duty to get her to sub on the site. Really my favorite kind of sub is a Pro Dom switch. So after a little fast talk and promises not to be too cruel. Zelinia thought it would be fun to sub for a change. Bondage she liked or at least she had fantasized about it.

The language did present a small problem. My Spanish sucks and her English was non-existent. It did make for an eventful and interesting afternoon, and what for... To pick up a girl, have them submit to your whims, and make them cum.


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Update 12.12.08 

"Hot Rayne" with Amber Rayne - 38 Minutes

Amber Rayne makes her first appearance on Fetish Nation. Amber is self proclaimed slut, a very tough slut, and a very smart slut. We like sluts with brains. It's always interesting getting to know a new model on a very first shoot. It's like a first date. Amber really gets off on heavy bdsm and takes what I give her with a smile, from heavy face slapping, to harsh clamps, and caning. Her wet pussy is proof enough she has earned her orgasms.

It's always a thrill to watch to a woman explode into orgasm, a thrill that never fades when you get the Ambers' of the world to play with.


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12.11.08 Loss of an Icon  
On a sad note... We lost one of the most photographed individuals of the 20th century. Bettie Page. She was a glamour and pin-up queen, a bondage model, fetish model, a nude muse, an icon. Models and actresses have been mirroring her signature look for years. Her warm smile, soft curves and unabashed sexuality captured the imagination of men and women alike for generations and carved a pathway for many to follow.

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Update 12.09.08 

"Trussed Up" Mary Jane - 111 Images

Smokin' Mary Jane is pin-up perfection with a dirty girl edge. She has these incredible long legs clad in thigh high stockings, pouty lips painted ruby red, raven black hair, creamy white skin and pale blue eyes. Mary Jane is liquid sex and just what we all need for a mid week pick me up. Just think. Mary Jane knocking at the door, bag of rope in one hand and a martini in the other.. You know your getting old when you grab the Martini first... But such is life.. Mary Jane in tight inescapable bondage with her elbows cinched. She is a true elbows together girl and that's just so so sexy.. Black pumps with 5in heels round out today's dream. So enjoy...

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Update 12.05.08 

"Twisted" Dana DeArmond - 47 Minutes Video

We welcome back Dana DeArmond this week. The last time Dana was here the lovely Eden Wells got to play with her, this time Dana's all mine. From anal orgasm's to angry masturbation I get the full range of emotion out of her. Dana is smokin' hot weather in a cage, crawling on hands and knees naked being caned or hanging upside down. This perverse little hottie is 100% slut. Dana's definitely on my top 10 party list..You have to love a girl that keeps coming back for more.


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Update 12.02.08 

"The White Room" Natalie Minx - 82 Images

Natalie Minx graces us with her luscious presence on our first Tuesday update. Hot lingerie and full fashion stockings, very stylish and a very very sexy. In the time that I have know her, Natalie has gone from a rope slut, to pain slut, to a full on porn slut. Free thinking and very sexual. The world is at her feet and she's taking charge. However, we are taking charge right now. Natalie loves the feel of rope on her soft white skin, restrictive bondage and giving herself over to her darker fantasy's. We start with Natalie giving a lesson on how to be a exhibitionist slut and the art of the strip tease. We finish with Natalie bound and helpless, gagged with her own panties, exposed and very wet In the middle. Well, In the middle that's were all the fun is.

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Update 11.28.08 

"First Date" Mina Meow and Mz. Berlin - 47 Minutes Video

Mz Berlin is one of the dirtiest ladies I know. Mz Berlin is all so one of the biggest sluts I know and I know a lot of woman... Lets call them sexually free thinking or another term that has been used lately is "modern" in their sexuality. Mina Meow, a very dirty girl in her own right, I would have to say also modern in her forward thinking about sex and her own sexuality or why would they be here. The sharing of erotic experiences is what they have decided to do for a living. Mz Berlin and Mina had been trying to get together and play for the longest time. So I did what I do, and hooked them up with each other for the afternoon. Gave them an excuse to get into each others pants and video taped it. After all there has to be something in it for me or rather us don't you think. If we're not going to participate, we might as well watch latex clad Bi Sexual sluts playing bondage and BDSM games and getting off. It is truly a joy to watch someone as talented as Mz Berlin, toy, tease and torment the truly submissive Miss Mina Meow... She helps Mina cross the line from intense pleasure to pain and back again, orgasm by orgasm.


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Updating Twice Weekly 
I've decided that are going to update twice a week, that's Video on Friday and then Photo sets on Tuesday. (the same amount of content) I just want to change things up a bit and see how everyone likes it. Break up the week.

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Update 11.21.08 

"The Party Line" January Seraph and Eden Wells - 40 Minutes Video

I think but I can't be sure, that January Seraph has a crush on Eden Wells. It just felt that way if you know what I mean. January looking like candy in her purple latex Hood and matching gloves. And Eden looking like Eden. Sexy and in control. January not missing one "Yes Mistress", open, wet and very willing. I don't think I've ever seen January being so submissive and wet, a very enthusiastic slut. And as a reward Eden gives January all the bondage and orgasms she can handle..



"Alsana and The Machine" with Alsana Sin - 57 Images

Robot sex or would it be sex with robot's... Which is it? Are Vibrators really just small robots?? No I don't think so.. Are Fucking machine Automatons ? Maybe, but not in the strictest since. Relentless is what they are. Match up a Hitachi magic wand with a Fucking Machine. Strap dirty girl Alsana Sin down and she's in for a wild and kinky ride.. Latex and gag added just for my own personal taste, like seasoning to recipe. Bondage and Fetish, it's a lot like cooking. So start cooking.

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