Update 09.18.09 Mz Berlin 

"XXX Slut" with Mz Berlin and Tom Moore - 43 Minutes Video

This week we are on the road with Tom Moore and Mz Berlin. I was asked quite matter of fact if I’d like to come over and video tape a private play session between my friends Tom Moore and Mz Berlin. Now normally I hate leaving my own studio and I tried to get the two of them over to my place, but that just wasn't going to happen. So, I told them I’ll shoot it, but I get to release it. That was the point... they wanted me to post them playing. It made there play time together that much kinkier. Plus I think it feeds Mz. Berlin’s need to be watched. After all, she is a true exhibitionist, along with being a pain slut, slut and all around whore. Well for that matter so is Tom. But I do say it with a lot of love.

So once again FetishNation.com go’s cock sucking and boy/girl hardcore. This time were just at Tom Moore’s place and he happens to be pounding away on Mz Berlin. The dirtier you treat Berlin the wetter she gets. After all the bondage, cock sucking, fucking and pain Berlin endures, her reward, she gets to take Toms load in her pretty face and that’s all the reward Berlin needs. As Mz Berlin says, "This is Real, this is my life”



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Update 09.15.09 Candle 

"Wet and Happy" with Candle Boxxx - 81 Images

Candle stands before me ,dressed only in heels a latex corset and opera length latex gloves…She is a feast for the eyes….Have you ever had a beautiful woman stand before you and pose for you ? Strip for you ? Move at your command ? It is an amazing way to spend an evening. Candle is submissive by nature, flirty, very playful and a dirty girl. She loves showing herself off, her long legs, great ass and oh so perfect tits. Her pussy is shaved clean and smooth. She poses for my camera and for you showing off her perfect body. Touching herself at my command.

Candle and I both know what comes next It’s the reasons her lovely pussy is so wet. She see’s the rope and Candles eye’s flash and a smile crosses her pretty lips. To be tied and helpless. Candle gets a devilish look in her eyes then a big sexy smile and she fingers her pussy and asks if all the models I shoot get this turned on at he sight of rope. I ignore her question and begin tying a chest harness and crotch rope. Candle makes moaning sounds as I pull the crotch rope tight then start tying her arms in reverse prayer. I have her pose and photograph her in bondage. A gag, some nipple clamps, a few variations in the tie and Candle is now very wet and very happy.


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Update 09.11.09 Scarlett 

"Scarlett Pain" with Scarlett Pain - 48 Minutes Video

Most of the fires in L.A. seem to be under control and the weather is still hot. I’m back from Burning Man with a song in my heart ready to get back to work. Enter Scarlett Pain, a hotter than hell little red head with perfect tit’s, a great ass and pierced in all the right place’s. Scarlett likes to be scared… It makes her wet… Fear is a powerful emotion and Scarlett has turned it sexual. She likes to ride the rush of fear to orgasm. She's not a true pain slut, but willing to endure bondage and spankings for the fear they cause her and in doing so Scarlett gets more turned on than you could possibly imagine. Her pussy drips from fear…



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Update 09.04.09 Victoria 

"Rubber Desires" with Victoria Red and Eden Wells - 38 Minutes Video

I want kinky latex girl/girl fetish this week with bondage, forced orgasms and just a little medical fetish thrown in for the look… And anal I want to see something in some hot little sluts ass... And Hoods… So let’s do it… Victoria Red and Eden Wells latex medical fetish in two parts and four scenes... First Red latex with bondage, a pussy ring, an eroscillator and explosive orgasms. Then transparent latex with orgasms, dildos and an enema... Every thing go’s better with a good orgasm don’t you think. Well so do these two sluts. So it's time to cum and cum hard with Victoria Red. See you on the inside… Don’t you want to watch Eden fuck Victoria with a big inflatable dildo wile dressed in tight shinny latex and watch Victoria orgasm like the little slut she is?



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Update 08.28.09 Marie M. 

"The Red Headed Slut" with Marie McCray - 47 Minutes Video

We seem to be well into fire season here in the city of angels. I can smell the smoke in the air. You have to remember that here in Los Angeles we really don’t have traditional seasons. We have fire seasons where the hills burn. We have rainy seasons where the rain washes the hills that have burned down into the canyon, in rivers of mud and debris. The third season here is the green season, where all the plant and wild grasses grow back thick and lush only to be fuel for the fires of the next season. It’s a lovely time of year. So we can do it all again next year.. Fire season is hot… Its supposed to be 110 F in the valley today that’s 43 c… Anyway you look at it, It’s hot. So in celebration of the heat I give you a fiery little red head.

Face of an Angel and yes the body of sin, Marie McCray is a smoking hot redhead that makes her debut on F.N. this week. She looks so sweet and innocent, but look closer, don’t let that angelic little smile fool you. Look into those pretty blue eyes of hers you won’t have to look to deeply to see the hot little slut that lurch’s just below the surface. She wants to fuck her way through life she says. We say lets see how you like it tied to a gyno table, legs spread and forced to cum. Spanked, flogged and forced to masturbate for our pleasure. A slut as hot as Marie needs to broaden her slutiness and try new things. She looked so hot bound and gagged.



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Update 08.21.09 Brooke 

"Belle De Jour" with Belle Brooke - 45 Minutes Video

Brooke Belle is on the menu this week… What can I tell you about Brooke. She’s a hot blond with green eyes a tight ass and great tits. This was Brooke’s very first BDSM and Bondage shoot. This was her first ever bdsm and bondage experience, but you’d never know it from watching. Outside of being a fan of rough sex and an all around dirty dirty girl, no one had ever gotten rope on her before. What an off the chart good time Brooke turned out to be. An instant FetishNation classic. By the time the day was done Brooke was drenched in sweat and cum drunk. The tighter the bondage, the wetter this little slut got. The more helpless she became, the harder she’d orgasm. Brooke just got wetter and wetter and came harder and harder all day long.



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Update 08.14.09 Amber R. 

"Pleasure for Pain" with Amber Rayne - 43 Minutes Video

Amber Rayne is back this week for her 4th shoot. This little pain slut is fast becoming one of my favorite models. Tough, flexible, she processes pain and turns it into pleasure. Nothing is ever to hard for Amber to give it a try. Like all the previous shoots with Amber this one turns into an endless sea of hard intense orgasms one on the heals of the other, whether it’s in bondage, a suspension, d/s or brought on by pain for pleasure. This shoot is one long intense orgasm for Amber.



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Update 08.11.09 Kendra 

"Corset Girls" with Eden Wells and Kendra James - 91 Images

Today sex incarnate. A fetish Fantasy with the beautiful Eden Wells and the sexy Kendra James. If your not a member of Fetishnation.com already this is surly a set to join for. One devastatingly hot blonde, one cataclysmically hot red head, corsets laced so tight hardly a breath can enter or exit. Stockings and high heels and lust in their hearts. Bondage is the game of the day with Kendra at Eden’s tender mercies and the tighter the rope the wetter these two get for each other. Sweet Kendra lay helpless as if in a beautiful dream as Eden toys with and torments her. Bondage never looked or felt so good. I’ll see you on the inside…

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10th Anniversary Special 

We are Celebrating 10 Years Online Thanks to all of you and to show our appreciation we are offering a Membership Special until August 31st. Join for only $19.95.

So come take advantage of this limited time offer.



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Update 08.07.09 Mina M 

"Kitty Kitty" with Miss Mina Meow - 30 Minutes Video

Mina Meow is back for another visit of bondage, intense orgasms and pain. We find out that Mina squirts, hence the mess all over my floor. It seems to be all the rage just now. Predicament bondage with orgasm control for this little slut as a pay back and long hard orgasms when they finally come. I cane that sweet little ass of Mina’s along with her feet while suspended and squeals of delight fill the air. Her pussy is filled with a dildo and then her mouth. I pull even more orgasms from Mina's pussy and in the end Mina becomes so sensitive she just cant take it any more.



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