Update 07.07.09 

"Platinum" with Lennox - 78 Images

Lennox makes her second appearance on the site this week. This platinum beauty posses for my camera, nervously counting the moments. She knows that very shortly she’ll be helpless. Bound, gagged and very very helpless. The though excites her and for some strange reason she has not quite figured out yet that this makes her wet as October and at the same time terrifies her. Why is it that so often the things that turn us on also scare us.



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Update 07.03.09 

"Embrace The Pain" with Amber Rayne - 44 Minutes Video

Amber Rayne is back and looking hotter than ever. This woman loves bondage, she loves pain, and she loves being dominated. Amber has the most disarming smile of any of the models I know. As she asks for the pair of clover clamps to be ripped from her nipples she looks up at you and smiles. There’s that devious little look in her eye that says bring it on. Lets mix pain and pleasure, orgasms and bondage I live for this.

Amber strips off her little black dress. Presents her ass to me by bending over a table she smile and closes her eyes. It’s a beautiful invitation, "The games have begun."



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Update 06.26.09 

"Julie Simone" - 42 Minutes Video

This week I give you Julie Simone. Part time Dom, full time perv and a switch by nature. It’s always exciting to Dom someone that Dom’s. Julie is kept constantly gagged and bound, or at least with a large black rubber cock in her mouth. I make her nervous, she says. She’s used to making people feel nervous. Strange to be on the other end I would think. I like that she’s on edge. I plan on keeping her there.



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Update 06.19.09 

"Candle Boxxx" with Candle - 42 Minutes Video

Candle Boxxx is back with us this week and I think I’m in lust. Dirty blonde hair, a pouty mouth and an ass that’s just smokin', all wrapped up with that look of innocence and charm. But don’t be deserved my friends, Candle is very a dirty girl. Candle cum's and cum's, and cum’s some more and she’s a squirter. New to bondage, she’s trying to find her way in uncharted waters and doing an admirable job for her limited experience being played with. She has that new car smell so to speak. Only much much sweeter.



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Update 06.16.09 

"Ass Over" with Belle Starr - 63 Images

Naked bondage never looked so good. I've tied, flipped and vibrated that long legged blonde, Bella Starr. With the face of an angel and a body built for sin, Bella was great to tie. Those long legs were easy to flip up over her head and made her pussy perfectly accessible. I added the spring loaded dental gag just for fun, and I didn't hear Bella complain once... In the archive.



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Update 06.12.09 

"Impudent Slut" with Lennox - 45 Minutes Video

"Impudent Slut" Is all I could think as I sat and edited this weeks update. We add a new lady to our line up this week and what a little brat she turned out to be. Lets all say hello to Lennox. They say the small ones are the feisty one’s and at five feet tall Lennox sure is a hand full. Brat I call her and she looks at me and just say’s “Yes”. I don’t really think one trip to my place knocked any of the brattieness out of her. What I do know is that Lennox squirts. All over my floor. She cum’s so hard in bondage that she almost passes out and she rode the fucking machine while suspended. All in all a good first time out. Lennox does need to work on her etiquette. But I’ll forgive her just this one time.



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Update 06.12.09 

"Black Seams" with Natalie Minx - 100 Images

Natalie Minx…. I Adore her. Sweet, sexy and one hot piece of ass. I first met Natalie at a BBQ at a mutual friends house. Now this was no vanilla gathering, it was mostly people in the bondage scene or that worked in adult in some way, mostly internet porn. A very open minded group of people. As the conversation turned to bondage and all things of a sexual nature as they often will when you get a group of perv’s together, Natalie and the other ladies sat outside discussing nipples. Not just any nipples, but Natalie’s nipples mostly and to some lesser extent the other ladies nipples present. Show and tell and The Zen of nipples. Kind of weird but not really in this group. A passionate exchange of ideas on all things related to nipples ensued followed by demonstrations. And I new that working with Natalie would be great fun.


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Update 06.05.09 

"Bound" with Catherine de Sade - 51 Minutes Video

This week I bring you Catherine de Sade, pain slut, anal whore and all around deviant. I call her these names with the assurance that upon reading this Catherine will stick four fingers inside herself, grab her vibrator and masturbate. She’s just that kind of girl. Aren’t you slut… The thought of every one here at Fetish Nation watching her being tied up and humiliated, sends shivers down her spine.

To keep our little theme going for a month "yes" Catherine takes steel in her ass twice. Once in the form or a steel ass plug and once in the forum of a beaded steel anal toy. This last month has been just full anal sluts.

This turned out to be a particularly hard shoot on the studio though. Catherine asked for, begged to man handled. As part of this play we ended up putting a three foot wide hole in one of the walls as I slammed her into it. Hence the name of the shoot, "Bounce”. So be careful, rough play can lead to wall repair.


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Update 06.03.09 

"Unforgiving" with Loren Chance - 73 Images

I ran into Loren at an Amber Michael's shoot, Amber is putting out a line of girl/girl DVD's and Loren was working production. She has bright turquoise blue hair now. Like she said "Not much of a call for models with blue hair but she likes it". But that brings me back to the set. Loren likes intensity with her bondage and knows where she can go mentally, physically and sexually. One pound weights hang from each of her labia to heighten her experience and a vibrator on her clit at the end for that explosive happy ending.

ENTER to See the Rest of This Update


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