Update 05.22.09 

"The Kinky Girl Next Door" with Madison Young - 48 Minutes Video

The legendary Madison Young joins us this week. Her ability to eroticize pain into pleasure, submission in to desire and tough rope bondage into a state of erotic perfection is truly unsurpassed. A few, a very few may come to Madison’s level of devotion to the art of Bondage and BDSM, and her ability to give herself completely over to a scene. To be there. But I really can’t think of anyone that surpasses her. Madison is a rare and shining jewel, writer, sex advocate, artist, director and full time slave. Truly a renaissance woman for the new millennium. And it doesn’t hurt that Madison’s smoking hot…


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Update 05.15.09 

"Pink Starfish" with Dylan Ryan - 30 Minutes Video

Dylan Ryan is an ass slut and I say that with a lot of love and respect. So for the second week in a row can we all say "large steel butt plug..." and add "steel beaded anal toy and anal speculum." Dylan is an Ass girl and I do aim to make the models happy. Dylan also has a masturbation fetish, that is to say she cant keep her hands out of her own pants. She masturbates lots… I want to see that. And lets bring on the bondage, tied and then brought to even more earth shattering orgasms. I think Dylan has something in her ass for most of the shoot…

Video Preview


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Update 05.12.09 

"Liquid Sex" with Jezebelle Bond - 83 Images

Jezebelle Bond - What a hottie...This woman is like liquid sex. From the look in her eyes to her smokin' ass, Jezebelle is perfect for bondage. As the ropes slide across her soft skin there is a look of excited submission in her eyes. Jezebelle mentions how sexy she feels as her ass is pulled up and exposed. A hook is slid in to her dripping pussy and tied off allowing her no movement and she lets out a long set of moans.

Preview Photo Update Here


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Update 05.08.09 

"Getting Jewell Off" with Jewell Marceau - 35 Minutes Video

How many times can you get Jewell off ? That’s not how this shoot started, but it’s how it finished. If you’re a Jewell Marceau fan you know she’s an ass slut. So, I set out 2 big steel butt plugs. Jewell wore one of them the whole shoot and in doing so had orgasm after orgasm. That big piece of steel in Jewell’s ass really got her off. I don’t know If Jewell’s an ass slut first and a bondage second or the reverse, but the combination of the two drove her insane. An afternoon with Jewell… Time well spent… Tying Jewell up and Getting her off. Priceless.

Video Preview


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Update 05.06.09 

"Center of Attention" with Cecelia Vega - 52 Images

My favorite french bondage slut is back and at the center of attention once again in this photo set. Every woman needs to be the center of attention. To be put on display... To be told what to do and when to do it... Cecelia is no different. Just the thought of being on display makes her wet, let alone all the tight rope that binds her body. A gag and some nipple clamps finish her off... Off into subspace.



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Update 05.01.09 

"Southern Belle" with Candle Boxxx - 46 Minutes Video

Let's all welcome Candle Boxxx to F.N. This little hottie comes to us directly from Atlanta Georgia. I personally hold a soft spot in my heart for southern woman as my first wife was from South Carolina, she was as perverted as she was beautiful. So now I hold all southern woman to these standards. Let me tell you Candle did not disappoint me or disgrace the south. Now the first thing you need to know about Candle is that she squirts and squirts and then she squirts some more… Orgasm after orgasm, Candle is down on hands and knees licking herself up off the floor. When she masturbates at home it's on a tile floor in the bathroom with pillow under head. When she cum's she squirts… She drenches the place. Candle is just the kind of girl you wish you could take home to mother. This petite southern vixen comes across as sweet and as innocent as you please, but underneath Is a perverted little bondage slut that gets off on being spanked and told what to do. She has an automatic response to the Hatatchi being turned on She smiles, laughs and her knees open, It's like magic. Or Pavlovian conditioning…


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Update 04.29.09 

"S16" with Cowgirl - 81 Images

A kinky bdsm set with the perfect slave called Cowgirl or "S16" in this beautifully photographed archive set. Cowgirl who in her own right helped set the standard. Hooded and numbered like a slave, she waits at attention to be played with.


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Update 04.24.09 

"Giggles" with Giggles - 40 Minutes Video

Lets all welcome back Giggles, this will be her second appearance on FetishNation. Not to be out done, Eden Wells wanted a little dom time with Giggles after Isis Love had Giggles the first time she was here. Slap and tickle it's called but I think it would be a little more apropos to say slap and giggle. As Eden takes great joy in slapping Giggles senseless. Her ass, tits, inner tights and pussy are all slapped and tickled.

Two weeks ago it was January Seraph and Mz Berlin and this week it's Eden and Giggles that just can't get enough of the Fucking Machine. Well Giggles can't with Eden at the controls. Giggles finds her first ride one long non stop orgasm as the machine relentlessly pounds her pussy and Eden applies the Hitachi. Bondage and orgasms, what a way to spend the day.


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Update 04.22.09 

"Cross Tied" with Sybil Hawthorne - 46 Minutes Video

The sexy and seductive Sybil Hawthorne joins us once again. Red and Black latex on her pale white skin, slick, smooth and ultra sexy. This is what I want to find waiting at home for me at night. A sexy little slut, coy and playful. Then have her ask to be bound. That really is one of the biggest turn on's when your woman brings out the rope gets down on her knees and asks to be tied. Sybil's tits are perfect for bondage, full and round. She moans as the ropes slide across her soft skin, her eyes dialate, she becomes wet, her breathing soft and even. She's gagged and placed on display. An evening of rope with a beautiful woman, what could be better.

ENTER to See the Rest of This Update


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Update 04.17.09 

"Under My Control" with Isobel Wren - 30 Minutes Video

Isobel Wren is back for more. If you can’t get enough you can’t get enough. Where do you go if you’re a lovely young lady and have a proclivity toward bondage, BDSM and the darker arts of sexuality. If you’re an exhibitionist. Having no trouble sharing yourself with the world. You want to be spanked and controlled. What most people would think of as their personal sex life, you want posted online for the world to see. Every orgasm, every sexual act you have video taped and played back in high def. I think in that case you would find yourself very much identifying with Isobel Wren. I want Isobel bound and cuming, something in her mouth and something in her pussy. Naked against the wall being flogged... Ass in the air and masturbating... Calling herself a slut. But that’s what she wants too.

There is truly a depth to Isobel. When she looks into your eyes and calls you sir she means it.
You slap her face, call her a slut she eat‘s it up. You stoke her fires. Twisted, "yes", but who‘s to really say what’s twisted. The soft touch... the kind smile... I think can do far more damage. At least when your in the middle of a scene you know where you stand and the rules. The rules don’t change.



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