Update 03.10.09 

"Jewell's Fabulous Tits" with Jewell Marceau - 55 Images

Jewell Marceau and her "Fabulous Tits". I do love Jewell, she has been one of my dearest friends and one of the first girls I ever shot for FetishNation. She sets the standard, classy, sexy, curvy, dirty and is one of the toughest models I know. Many people can only dream about getting their hands on her perfectly voluptuous tits and I get to tie them. Sometimes it's good to be me.

Enter Here for the Rest of this Sexy Update

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Update 03.06.09 

"Isis Love & Her Fuck Slut Giggles" with Isis Love & Giggles - 46 Minutes Video

Isis Love join’s us this week and her reputation dose proceed her. Her playmate for the day is Giggles and "yes" Giggles does giggle, hence the name. Putting these raven haired beauties together was an opportunity not to be missed. One of the hottest Girl Girl strap-on scenes I've ever shot, proves my point. Isis has Giggles begging for her black cock but not before Isis shows us all just what a devious and sexy LezDom she is. Giggles spends most of the time gasping, screaming and out of breath... To suffer torment at such exquisite hands is to be gladly endured. This is Isis Love and Giggles first shoot for us but I don’t think it will be either of there last.



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Update 02.27.09 

"Sybilized" with Sybil Hawthorne - 38 Minutes Video

Sybil Hawthorne is back with us this week, a lifestyle submissive, full time slave and sexual deviant would be good words to describe her. Well trained, beautiful, and kinky as hell would all so be on that list. Yes, Sir, and Thank You, Sir, leaves her lips at all the right time's. I love lifestyle submissive's and dislike them all at the same time. They tend to internalize pain and pleasure. Not make a big show of it, but feel it all very deeply. Sybil loves pain, she eats it up and asks for more. It pushes her to some incredibly explosive orgasms. She is the obedient pain slut and dose it beautifully with style. Sybil is truly amazing to play with.



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Update 02.24.09 

"Beside Herself" with Anastasia Pierce - 108 Images

Now who out there wouldn't want to have Anastasia Pierce standing in front of them in latex, asking to be tied? I would be the first one in line. It's not enough to tie them up and do devious things to them. I need to pose them and have them show themselves off to me and to you. I direct Anastasia to run her hands over her latex clad body and masturbate. She smiles as I start to take pictures and enjoys herself. The funny thing is I like to do the same thing in my personal life. Have woman masturbate for me before play. For some it's utterly enjoyable for others it can be very humiliating. I never allow them to cum in this pre tie play. It leaves them wanting more and that's exactly what I want, a horny tied up girl. After having Anastasia show off her smokin' ass, it's time to lay on the rope. Anastasia is tied to the wall with her ass out, pussy penetrated with a steel hook, and her nipples are hard and ready for attention. She begs for more...


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Update 02.20.09 

"Porn Slut Kitty" with Satine Phoenix and Mz. Berlin - 41 Minutes Video

The devious Mz Berlin joins us once again along with the uber sexual Satine Phoenix. There’s nothing sweet and innocent about these two. Mz Berlin takes charge today, her normal roll as a sub put aside or better to say as a switch. Being a switch Mz Berlin can experience the best of both worlds. For today's fun she’d prefer to be in charge of Porn Slut Kitty or more commonly know as Satine Phoenix. She submits to every little whim of Berlins, and who more devious than a switch.



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Update 02.17.09 

"Tied Pussy" with Mina Meow - 46 Images

After Mina's last grueling bdsm video shoot with us we decided to do something a little more sensual with her. An exquisite bound photo set. By now, Mina knows exactly what I want... It's all about the show and Mina has become a great tease for the camera. Knowing were all watching is a great turn on for her. The more turned on... the dirtier she gets and finally is rewarded with ropes.


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Update 02.13.09 

"Immoral Desires" with Cecilia Vega - 36 Minutes Video

Let’s all welcome yet another new face to Fetish Nation, Cecilia Vega. I met Cecilia just a few days ago and fell for her smokin' hot body and blue eyes. She just kept looking at me and smiling. I asked her if she had ever been tied up. Cecilia just smiled. I met her on an adult set and she just happened to be working with a friend of mine, Anastasia Pierce, doing a girl/girl scene.

Cecilia told me that she liked it rough, that she liked bondage, and that she was a very dirty girl. A big smile crossed my face and I told her that I would be the judge of that. I instantly asked her to shoot for F.N. Truth be told I just wanted to play with her… It's one of the perks of being me. Normally, when I work with a girl for the first time I need to hold back, but not with Cecilia. It was obvious from the start that she loved hard bdsm play. Her forced orgasms are some of the hottest and longest we’ve ever filmed. Look for her again soon.



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Update 02.10.09 

"You May Cum" with Madison Young - 73 Images

Madison Young, this hot fiery little redhead is one of my favorites to play with. I've caned her, spanked her, tied her, suspended her and she keeps coming back. For this set as usual to start, I wanted Madison to be the perfect exhibitionist and show herself off to everyone. She seems so shy about it but, does it beautifully. She does have a rather nice ass. Madison is now begging to be bound because she knows after she's tied, I'll step in with a vibrator. Orgasms are so much more intense when your in bondage. She's bound on a small platform with legs frogtied open, ass exposed and looking absolutely helpless...I step in and tease her for awhile then give her what she wants. The opportunity to orgasm for us.


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Update 02.06.09 

"Taking Sinn for a Ride" with Sinn Sage - 36 Minutes Video

Girl next door Sinn Sage makes her debut at Fetish Nation and lucky Eden is the one that gets to play with her. Sinn is a bit girl crazy, hence her request to play with Eden. The sexual tension starts between them as soon as they lay eyes on each other. Flirting in the dressing room, a touch here, a look there and I knew they’d be good together.

Sinn enthusiastically obeys Eden's every command. In return Sinn is allowed to lose control and brought to orgasm after screaming orgasm. What a wild show.



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02.03.09 Playboy TV  

"E-rotica shoot for Playboy TV" with Natalie Minx and Eden Wells - 46 Images

I give you a super sexy bondage set with Natalie Minx and Eden Wells playing out a scene in front of the camera for Playboy TV. Playboy TV approached me several months ago to do a piece on Fetish Nation for a new series called "E-rotica", which will be airing soon. BDSM with a sexier more thoughtful approach. I'll let you know the date it airs.


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