Update 10.16.09 Danalea 

"Sublime Pain" with Danalea and Simone Kross - 48 Minutes Video

Simone Kross joins us this week and this is her first time Doming for us. I’ve been a fan of her's for years now. She’s sexy, wickedly sadistic and will smile at you lovingly then laugh as she rips the clover clamps from your nipples. For Simone, I had to find a nice heavy bottom. Enter Danalea fresh from Texas. Danalea may be new to the scene but she know's what she wants. Bondage, tight bondage, heavy pain, D/S and then more pain and orgasms. Simone is more than happy to help. Now Simone is a session dom, so in getting her into the studio I ended up with lots and lots of footage of her and Danalea playing. Who am I to put and end to two such lovely ladies playing. So I didn’t. Today Parts 1- 4.

Peace, Ian Rath



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Update 09.04.09 Victoria 

"Rubber Desires" with Victoria Red and Eden Wells - 38 Minutes Video

I want kinky latex girl/girl fetish this week with bondage, forced orgasms and just a little medical fetish thrown in for the look… And anal I want to see something in some hot little sluts ass... And Hoods… So let’s do it… Victoria Red and Eden Wells latex medical fetish in two parts and four scenes... First Red latex with bondage, a pussy ring, an eroscillator and explosive orgasms. Then transparent latex with orgasms, dildos and an enema... Every thing go’s better with a good orgasm don’t you think. Well so do these two sluts. So it's time to cum and cum hard with Victoria Red. See you on the inside… Don’t you want to watch Eden fuck Victoria with a big inflatable dildo wile dressed in tight shinny latex and watch Victoria orgasm like the little slut she is?



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Update 08.11.09 Kendra 

"Corset Girls" with Eden Wells and Kendra James - 91 Images

Today sex incarnate. A fetish Fantasy with the beautiful Eden Wells and the sexy Kendra James. If your not a member of Fetishnation.com already this is surly a set to join for. One devastatingly hot blonde, one cataclysmically hot red head, corsets laced so tight hardly a breath can enter or exit. Stockings and high heels and lust in their hearts. Bondage is the game of the day with Kendra at Eden’s tender mercies and the tighter the rope the wetter these two get for each other. Sweet Kendra lay helpless as if in a beautiful dream as Eden toys with and torments her. Bondage never looked or felt so good. I’ll see you on the inside…

See All Of This Update Here

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10th Anniversary Special 

We are Celebrating 10 Years Online Thanks to all of you and to show our appreciation we are offering a Membership Special until August 31st. Join for only $19.95.

So come take advantage of this limited time offer.



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Update 07.10.09 

"Polished Nails" with Kendra James and Eden Wells - 57 Minutes Video

Bondage beauties Kendra James and Eden Wells grace our electronic pages this week. Tight rope bondage and orgasms seem to be the order of the day. Tease and denial, denial and more tease, Kendra soon learns she’s going to have to work for every orgasm that Eden gives her.



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Bondage Vault Clip Store 
We relaunched our video clip download site "The Bondage Vault". Now you can download your favorite Fetishnation.com video clips to own. You only buy what you want. No membership required.

Check us out.

"The Bondage Vault"

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Update 04.24.09 

"Giggles" with Giggles - 40 Minutes Video

Lets all welcome back Giggles, this will be her second appearance on FetishNation. Not to be out done, Eden Wells wanted a little dom time with Giggles after Isis Love had Giggles the first time she was here. Slap and tickle it's called but I think it would be a little more apropos to say slap and giggle. As Eden takes great joy in slapping Giggles senseless. Her ass, tits, inner tights and pussy are all slapped and tickled.

Two weeks ago it was January Seraph and Mz Berlin and this week it's Eden and Giggles that just can't get enough of the Fucking Machine. Well Giggles can't with Eden at the controls. Giggles finds her first ride one long non stop orgasm as the machine relentlessly pounds her pussy and Eden applies the Hitachi. Bondage and orgasms, what a way to spend the day.


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Update 04.10.09 

"Fucking Machine Fantasy" with January Seraph - 32 Minutes Video

This week the Fabulous Mz Berlin and the sultry January Seraph… Berlin has Fabulous I though I’d give January Sultry. Only because she is... January has a fantasy… What’s January’s fantasy you might ask? After all she’s a very kinky girl…Tie her up, spank her. She plays with girls... boys… What hasn't she done. A Fucking Machine that’s what! So what are friends for. January enlisted The Fabulous Mz Berlin and Myself to right this wrong and your invited to watch, yes you. But first you don’t know about Mz Berlin if you think she’s just going to hook January up and that’s that. No… Mz Berlin is always about the quid pro quo… She does something, she wants something in return and in this case it's pain for pleasure. Plus, orgasms all around in this one. I didn't expect Berlin to climb on top of January and get her self off but it just shows you what a free spirit Mz Berlin is. Or that dirty little slut… It’s one of the two.

Fucking Machines, Bondage, Inverted Orgasms It’s always good to have Kinky friends that are willing to help make a dream come true… No judgments just Love and respect.



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Update 03.20.09 

"Sensory Overload" with Sinn Sage and Eden Wells - 42 Minutes Video

Sinn Sage comes to FetishNation for her second visit, a special request of Eden's. I love it when Eden gets a crush on a girl it always makes the scene that much hotter and more personal. Eden puts this dirty brunette through her paces from making her dance for her own pleasure to tight inescapable bondage. Who was to know that Sinn is such a squirter until she drenches Eden, the floor and herself. Sinn licks up the mess she made.

I don’t know if it was the wax, Eden, or the vibrator but Sinn admits to have having the longest orgasm of her life. I would think that’s saying something for Sinn…



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Update 03.06.09 

"Isis Love & Her Fuck Slut Giggles" with Isis Love & Giggles - 46 Minutes Video

Isis Love joins us this week and her reputation dose proceed her. Her playmate for the day is Giggles and "yes" Giggles does giggle, hence the name. Putting these raven haired beauties together was an opportunity not to be missed. One of the hottest Girl Girl strap-on scenes I've ever shot, proves my point. Isis has Giggles begging for her black cock but not before Isis shows us all just what a devious and sexy LezDom she is. Giggles spends most of the time gasping, screaming and out of breath... To suffer torment at such exquisite hands is to be gladly endured. This is Isis Love and Giggles first shoot for us but I dont think it will be either of there last.



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