Candle Boxxx, Confirmed Anal Slut 

Candle Boxxx is back for the third time. And I always like to push harder when a girl comes back to play. And push we did. Our area of exploration this go round in the Fetish Nation dungeon was Candles' luscious ass. Plugs, beads, metal dildos, tight rope bondage and harsh nipple and pussy clamps all contributed to her squirting everywhere. Of course, she had to clean it up herself and we caught this on video, too.

Candle Boxxx Explores Anal Sex

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Slave Giggles in "Never Enough" 

"Never Enough" with Giggles and Ian Rath - 42 Min of HD Video

Giggles has has bondage and fetish adventures with Isis Love and Eden Wells here at Fetish Nation, but I -Ian Rath- have never gotten to take this little fuck slut for a spin. And a spin she got at the studio. Lots of bondage, D/s and orgasms were on the menu. A sound flogging, a dick on a stick, clothespins and candle wax also made an appearance. Of course, I had Giggles dress for the occasion in stockings, a corset and heels. I do appreciate a well dressed slut.

Giggles' Update on Fetish Nation

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"Overloaded" with Smokie Flame 

"Overloaded" with Smokie Flame and Ian Rath

Smokie Flame is back at the Fetish Nation dungeon again for some bondage playtime. She asked for some sensory overload and that's exactly what she got. I fill all of her holes, make her cum, suspend her from the ceiling and utilize suction cups and humiliation in an erotic way. What can I say? I'm a good multi tasker... And Smokie loved every minute of it. She demonstrates her blowjob skills on a dildo before putting it in her pussy and I make her get herself off on my boot before licking it clean. Why does she do these things, you ask? To be tied in tight rope bondage for bound orgasms, to be allowed the freedom to sink into her submission, to be given permission to be a dirty slut for the camera...

Smokie Flame's Update on Fetish Nation

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Emily Addison, Hogtied 

"Hogtied in The Red Room" with Emily Addison - 131 Images

Emily Addison caught in a web of rope. This divinely beautiful creature following her lust and passion, from the simple pleasures of the flesh to her darker desires with bondage and restraint. She toys with herself putting on a show for all that will watch. Looking more like a goddess than a mere mortal. Allowing herself the pleasures of self gratification. Emily is a temptress. What does she see in her minds eye as her fingers slowly trace the curves of that luscious body. The ties that bind of course. Her pulse quickens as the ropes grow tighter... Emily’s eyes softly close as she submits to her dark desires. She can hear her own heart beat in her ears and the ropes grow tighter still until completely helpless and immobile. Her sex wet, her breath soft and sweet. Emily gives herself over, body and soul, to her dark passions.

Emily's Update


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Heidi Mayne 

"Heidi's Ordeal" with Heidi Mayne - 40 Minutes Video

Heidi Mayne joins the ranks of the Fetish Nation girls this week. Even though it's her first visit to the dungeon, you could never tell. Not shy at all, this MILF is a long time kinkster and a very dirty girl. She has an ass that cries out to be spanked until it's rosy red and striped with a few well placed cane marks. Dressed in latex and high heels Heidi's up for being treated like the submissive slut that she is. I tossed her around, fill up her holes with dildos and my hand, secure her with some rope bondage, have her masturbate for you, gag her with a ball gag, use some clover clamps on her nipples and force her to cum far too many times to count.

Heidi Mayne Video Preview on Fetish Nation

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Madison Young in Bondage 

"Silver Balls" with Madison Young - 88 High Res Images

What bondage buff isn't familiar with our very own kinky girl next door, Madison Young? This bondage babe has posed for the Fetish Nation lens countless times during her visits to the dungeon. A self proclaimed geek who loves art, we turn her into a piece of art that's in quite a predicament using hemp rope, a big ball gag, silver ball weights and a cleverly placed tie and strategically placed vibrator. Madison, decked out in leather and fishnet, makes quite the statement piece, don't you think?

Madison Young in Rope Bondage

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Sea J. Raw, Our Twisted Tart 

"Twisted Tart" with Sea J Raw - 60 Minutes of HD Video

Sea J. Raw is back with us at Fetish Nation once again and she’s hotter and dirtier than ever… It's easy to see why she's becoming a Fetish Nation favorite. Sea J. has taken to bondage and S&M like a duck to water since her first shoot with us back in September of '09. She's turned into quite the pain slut and is always asking, begging, to come back for an even more intense experience as a submissive. Sea J. is smoking hot and extremely sensual and the fact that bondage and harsh treatment make her wet and give her mind blowing orgasms put’s her in a very select class of perfect Fetish Nation models.

For this particular play date in the dungeon, Sea J. dresses up for me in a red corset and stockings. I pull out the suction cups, medical clamps, crop, cane, clover clamps and hemp rope and get to work, putting this submissive porn star through her paces...

Sea J. Raw's latest update on

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Misti Love, Wanton Slut 

"Wanton Slut" with Misti Love - 41 Minutes Video

Misty Love makes her first appearance on Fetish Nation this week. Misty is also a very sexy and dirty 18 year old. She’s very excited to get all tied up and do what she's told. Now, Misty’s been tied before but never professionally and never for video. So this wanton slut wants everyone to share this experience with her. As it turn’s out Misty’s is quite the exhibitionist. She gets all turned on at the thought of being video taped and then people watching her in bondage having orgasms. So lets all sit back and watch Misty live out her fantasy.



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Brooke Belle, Orgasms Galore 

"Orgasms Galore" with Brooke Belle - 51 Minutes of HD Video

Brooke Belle joins us for our first update in 2010 and I can’t think of a hotter and sexier peace of ass than Brooke to start the new year with. This will be Brooke’s third appearance on Fetish Nation and she just keeps getting better. Her first time here she was a bondage virgin and now she’s asking, begging to be restrained and told what to do. Brooke made a point of asking if I’d flog her. She also spotted a fucking machine and with a big smile on her face and a gleam in her eye told me just how much fun she though it would be to be tied down and fucked by it. Who am I to say no to such a heart felt request.

Brooke is sexy, quite the dirty little slut and not afraid to ask for what she wants. Brooke has found that she likes bdsm and role play. It make her wet... It make her cum... It makes her cum incredibly hard…



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New Years Eve !!! 

"The Playful Slut" with Emily Addison - 54 Minutes Video

It's New Year's Eve !!!

Let’s all welcome back Emily Addison to F.N. She's a hot little blonde with a playful smile and seductive blue eyes. This time the bondage is even tighter and her orgasms even more intense than last time she visited with us. Emily has this wonderful talent... she's multi orgasmic. In the simplest of terms she can cum and cum and cum... Now that’s a pretty neat trick if you can do it. Emily’s a show that’s defiantly worth watching.

I’m posting this update a day early… Why you may ask? Today is New Years Eve and I do expect to be neck deep in deboucherous activity’s by the evenings end. So at least one to two or maybe even three recovery days may be called for.



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