Update 01.30.09 

"Going To Hell" with Isobel Wren - 41 Minutes Video

Isobel Wren may look sweet and innocent, I'm sure at one point in her life she was, but that time is over now. What's left of her innocence is eaten up with guilt. Going to Christian school has left it's mark on poor Isobel. In this visit we try to work through some of her issues associated with her education. Free her of guilt and that overwhelming feeling of going to hell. A mixture of earth shattering orgasms in bondage, masturbation and a good amount of cock sucking should help.



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Update 01.27.09 

"The Ring" with Brandy Laine - 98 Images

Brandy Laine comes to us at the insistence of her husband. You see Brandy's been a bit moody lately, not that there's any problem with being moody but Brandy's loving husband wanted his much beloved wife to be happy and nothing makes her happier than being teased, tormented and brought to orgasm by the lovely Eden Wells. Being placed upside down just added to Brandy's excitement. It's the little thing's that really count don't you think? A little bondage, some S&M and Brandy's a happy and well adjusted wife once again. Saves on years of therapy.


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Update 01.23.09 

"To Serve" with Sybil Hawthorne - 42 Minutes Video

Let's all Welcome Sybil Hawthorne to her first FetishNation shoot. This well trained, well educated lifestyle submissive knows what she wants and how to ask for it. Sybil is trained to stand still and take it, and that's exactly what she does. From nonstop screaming orgasms to flinch free canings, Sybil is a very well trained player. This one doesn't need bondage to stay in one place. She only needs to be bound to make me happy.

This one's a keeper... Well trained, sexy and loves to play.



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Update 01.21.09 

"Always the Damsel" with Jewell Marceau - 61 Images

Jewell Marceau, always the damsel in distress and always in a predicament. Her elbows tightly cinched, her calling card, her huge tits bound and clamped, then strappado balancing on one knee. She pouts and gasps and tries to stay upright. Poor Jewell...

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Update 01.16.09 

"Purrr V Girl" with Mina Meow - 35 Minutes Video

Mina Meow is back with us this week. Three years ago when I met Mina, she was a skinny little goth girl. Now she seems to have grown up and into a smokin' hot young lady. She's thrown away that pixie persona. Still the good little submissive pain slut, but now with a more sexual appetite you could say. They do grow up so fast.

Mina's face contorts... I find this extremely sexy when they are in the throws of a very powerful orgasm. She gasps, moans, screams and cums again. She can't help it. She takes it all from a tough suspension, to pussy flogging, and clamps, and comes through it still purring.



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Update 01.13.09 

"Harnessed" with TJ - 91 Images

TJ begs and pleads to be restrained. She knows just how to play the game. This hot blond slut holds up the harness, how could I say no. I make her work for it by showing me what a good time she is. She shows me her ass, fingers her pussy and crawls around on the floor to please me. Enough inspiration... Bound, gagged, and helpless.


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Update 01.09.09 

"DSL" with Priscillo Russo and Mz. Berlin - 57 Minutes Video

The fabulous Mz Berlin is back this week and who better for her to lavish her O so devious attention on no other than Priscilla Russo.... I think Mz Berlin sets a new personal best this day for being a tease. Whilst maintaining strict discipline and focus, she treats Priscilla like the dirty little slut she needs to be. Not an easy task. Mz Berlin even takes a page from Chanta's hand book and has Priscilla tongue fuck her ass while getting herself off. Dirty, Dirty, Dirty... But all too sexy. The training of Priscilla continues until Mz Berlin is satisfied that she has taken every one of Priscilla's orgasm's. Turning Priscilla into the best slut she can be and given Priscilla a new love and appreciation of bondage and discipline.


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Update 01.06.09 

"When it Rayne's" with Amber Rayne - 71 Images

Bondage...Today it's all about the bondage, my first love. The art of tying beautiful woman in sensual if not sexual restraint, and who more beautiful and sensual than Amber Rayne. Amber has a sexuality about her, a heat, a fire, a passion. You feel that you could reach out and touch it. A vulnerable look in her eyes, kissable lips and a body that calls out to be bound. She also has and this is very important, the desire within herself to be tied and played with. What is the one thing that people desperately want their lover or play partner to do for them ? Want what they want, have the same longing and desires. Amber's submission, to me, to the rope was perfectly timed. She wanted to be there.

Peace, Ian

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Update 01.02.09 

"Bondage Slut #2" with Madison Young and Mz Berlin - 43 Minutes Video

Let's start out 2009 with three of the hottest women I know, shall we. Screaming orgasms by Madison Young domed by Mz. Berlin and Eden Wells. Now unless I go off on a rant right now, which is doubtful, the text part I'll keep short and sweet after spending New Years Eve and day at one of those way to much fun kinky L.A. scene parties. I'm feeling just a bit spent.

Berlin and Eden take pleasure in abusing Madison's flesh, tormenting her nipples and pussy, and fucking her suspended body. The bondage get tougher, the orgasms get stronger and Madison just keeps coming back for more. It just doesn't get any better.



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Update 12.30.08 

"Fuck Me" with Victoria Red - 56 Images

Let's end 2008 on an up note shall we.. It's been such a piss pore year for so many people. So much trouble caused by those that were in power, either by design or by accident. I don't know. I... like most people think it was by design. Tacitus said and I quote, " A shocking crime was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals, with the blessing of more, and amid the passive acquiescence of all. "

So lets end 2008 with Victoria Red, the very dirty girl that she is, and Emily Marilyn, sexy and submissive.

Extreme Restraints sent me over this bondage fucking machine to play with and who better to hook up to it than Victoria Red. She has never even had the pleasure of riding one. How perfect! After giving the machine a hell of a blow job, Victoria is locked into place with leather cuffs and rope. The machine is turned on...Victoria wants to be fucked faster. She loses herself in the rhythm and bursts into orgasm much to my delight.


"Once Again" with Emily Marilyn - 46 Images

The oh so sexy Emily Marilyn hogtied for our pleasure. Really, what can I say. The pictures speak for themselves. Bound and drooling all over.


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