Andrea M Roxanne Hall At Her Feet 

Roxanne Hall has returned to this week with a mission and a new comer. Andrea M. is in for the time of her life. This week Roxanne is in charge and Iíve given her fresh meat to play with. Andrea M. is a new to the whole BDSM/Bondage scene, but wants the chance to get her kink on and be dominated by a woman and Roxanne Hall is just the girl to do it. When youíve fantasized about something for as long as Andrea has you want the first time to be perfect. Today Andrea gets to play out her Lesbian domination fantasy. Tight bondage and strict control is what gets Andrea wet, helpless and exposed, obedient to Roxanne's every word. Andrea gives herself completely and for that Roxanne gives Andrea the ride of her life and the hottest and hardest orgasms of her life.

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