Maia Davis First Tie 

Maia Davis joins us this week for her very first time in bondage. I shot a her girlfriend a few weeks ago. Maia got turned on and perved out just hearing about the shoot and just had to come by and give bdsm a try.

Maia came in the door all smiles and excited. "This is going to be great shoot", she said. Iíve been wet all week thinking about getting tied up and being forced to cum. This hot little slut has great legs and bright hazel eyes which she bats flirtatiously at me. Maia was here for one thing, to be bound and treated like the slut. Itís always exciting to tie someone for the first time. The looks on their face when realty sets in as the ropes tighten. That first blush of helplessness. Just check between Maiaís legs, she was as wet as October.

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