Roxanne Hall Princess Of Pain 

The amazing Roxanne Hall joins us on FetishNation this week. I call this update the “Princess of Pain” for two reasons, one I think that it will annoy her (that’s great fun all itself) and for two she is. It is a very specific kind of pain though, Roxanne loves the cane. That sharp rush, that overwhelming sensation that shoots through your whole body leaving her gasping for breath. Roxanne simply loves the Cane. If asked whether she’d rather be caned or orgasm, a strange little smile creeps across her face, her eyes lower and then she becomes silent.

With the simple combination of bondage, a vibrator and a cane, you can send Roxanne into a place of intense pleasure through pain. Her eyes roll back in her head and her body tenses and spasms’, yet the entire time Roxanne never flinches and never cry’s out to end her torment. She loves every stroke of the cane, every moment of tight bondage, and every moment of submission.

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