Update 12.18.09 Scarlett 

"Cum Puppet" with Scarlett Pain - 44 Minutes Video

Let’s all welcome back the red headed slut Scarlett Pain to Fetish Nation. With her perfect pierced tit’s, red hot ass and a smile that says "please tie me up and make me cum". This is Scarlett’s second appearance here on FetishNation.com and I don’t think it will be her last. It turned out to be an orgasm filled day for Scarlett, first by her own hands then her last by mine and lot’s in-between. It was nothing less than a cum fest in tight bondage. She crawls on the floor like a cat for our enjoyment, kisses my boots and pleasure humps my leg to climax. Scarlett has nothing less than explosive orgasm’s at my command and the whole time asking for permission. A great day with a sexy hot submissive…



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