Update 07.17.09 

"Meat Hole" with Catherine DeSade - 30 Minutes Video

Back for round two with Catherine DeSade. This is our second half of the day with Catherine. As it turns out this pain slut and bondage whore has also a fetish for stuffing strange objects inside of her poor too often violated pussy. Today’s challenge; ten feet of chain. How much did Catherine manage to get it inside herself, you’ll just have to watch and see. As for any leftover chain, she was told the remainder would have to go in her ass. The thought alone was enough to get our slut good and wet.

Next, out comes the biggest fucking inflatable dildo I own. I never thought I’d see this bad boy slide inside anyone. Truly a moment of surprise, when Catherine is able to fuck herself to a another series of mind blowing orgasms. And "yes", the whole time Catherine is bound, humiliated, and told what a slut she is for doing exactly what it is she is doing. I call the video set “Meat Hole”. Its one of Catherine’s favorite dirty names to be called.



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