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"Southern Belle" with Candle Boxxx - 46 Minutes Video

Let's all welcome Candle Boxxx to F.N. This little hottie comes to us directly from Atlanta Georgia. I personally hold a soft spot in my heart for southern woman as my first wife was from South Carolina, she was as perverted as she was beautiful. So now I hold all southern woman to these standards. Let me tell you Candle did not disappoint me or disgrace the south. Now the first thing you need to know about Candle is that she squirts and squirts and then she squirts some more… Orgasm after orgasm, Candle is down on hands and knees licking herself up off the floor. When she masturbates at home it's on a tile floor in the bathroom with pillow under head. When she cum's she squirts… She drenches the place. Candle is just the kind of girl you wish you could take home to mother. This petite southern vixen comes across as sweet and as innocent as you please, but underneath Is a perverted little bondage slut that gets off on being spanked and told what to do. She has an automatic response to the Hatatchi being turned on She smiles, laughs and her knees open, It's like magic. Or Pavlovian conditioning…


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