Update 04.22.09 

"Cross Tied" with Sybil Hawthorne - 46 Minutes Video

The sexy and seductive Sybil Hawthorne joins us once again. Red and Black latex on her pale white skin, slick, smooth and ultra sexy. This is what I want to find waiting at home for me at night. A sexy little slut, coy and playful. Then have her ask to be bound. That really is one of the biggest turn on's when your woman brings out the rope gets down on her knees and asks to be tied. Sybil's tits are perfect for bondage, full and round. She moans as the ropes slide across her soft skin, her eyes dialate, she becomes wet, her breathing soft and even. She's gagged and placed on display. An evening of rope with a beautiful woman, what could be better.

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