Update 04.17.09 

"Under My Control" with Isobel Wren - 30 Minutes Video

Isobel Wren is back for more. If you can’t get enough you can’t get enough. Where do you go if you’re a lovely young lady and have a proclivity toward bondage, BDSM and the darker arts of sexuality. If you’re an exhibitionist. Having no trouble sharing yourself with the world. You want to be spanked and controlled. What most people would think of as their personal sex life, you want posted online for the world to see. Every orgasm, every sexual act you have video taped and played back in high def. I think in that case you would find yourself very much identifying with Isobel Wren. I want Isobel bound and cuming, something in her mouth and something in her pussy. Naked against the wall being flogged... Ass in the air and masturbating... Calling herself a slut. But that’s what she wants too.

There is truly a depth to Isobel. When she looks into your eyes and calls you sir she means it.
You slap her face, call her a slut she eat‘s it up. You stoke her fires. Twisted, "yes", but who‘s to really say what’s twisted. The soft touch... the kind smile... I think can do far more damage. At least when your in the middle of a scene you know where you stand and the rules. The rules don’t change.



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