Update 04.03.09 

"Tell Me a Story" with Madison Young - 38 Minutes Video

Madison Young… For some reason I think that’s all I should need to say, but for those of you new to online BDSM that just don’t know or that have been living under the proverbial rock, Madison is a truly an amazing creature. Rope whore extraordinaire, pain slut, trained submissive, poet and writer, and just plain slut. Slap her pretty face call her slut and it brings her to even closer to orgasm. Madison eats pain, like the rest of us would eat candy. I cane her ass through a series of mind blowing orgasms, then tie her up and do it all over again. Orgasm after orgasm Madison gives it up... I love a good story and for Madison every dirty story she tells us out of her past brings her one step closer to what she wants… Whether it be bondage, pain or orgasms.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman that loves to have her pussy slapped as much as Madison. I prefer to think of it as spanking, but that’s all semantics. She can orgasm from it you know…
Madison has all most tantric orgasms, she can control them, focus them, ride them in to orgasmic bliss. Now that’s something worth practicing.

Completely off subject. I heard something the other day that I think bears repeating and it went something like this.

What do you want ??
I want a peaceful soul..
What do you need???
A Bigger Gun…

I think we all feel a little let down by the body politic here and all over this world. I do hope the day comes soon that the political powers figure out that greed and corruption are no way to live.

Jimmy Hendrix said “That when the Power of Love over comes the Love of Power, the world will know Peace…



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