Nina Lang The New Girl 

Nina Lang makes her first appearance on FetishNation today and I don’t think it will be her last. She’d done bondage once before and the thought of doing it again soaked her panties. I don’t think even Nina new she would enjoy the day as much as she did. Tied to the Sybian, Nina starts the day with a set of explosive orgasms. Next, Nina’s never tried pain and cumming, clover clamps on her nipples and labia, she’s never cum harder in her life. Then well placed suction cups on her nipples and clit. Nina thinks she’s losing her mind with pleasure. And finally just because I can, Nina takes her very first ride on a fucking machine and what’s left of her cum drunk mind is turned to mush with the mind blowing orgasm’s. Pain slut in the making Nina Lane and did I say she’s cute and sexy as hell.

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