Sheena Shaw Pain For Play 

Pain Slut Sheena Shaw is back with us this week. Sheena is fast becoming one of my favorite girls to play with. Shes devastatingly sexy, moves like a cat and has developed quite the taste for pain and bondage.

"I'm wet", Sheena says as she walks through the door. "I normally masturbate in the car while Im driving but not today, I wanted to save myself, and Im just wet at the thought of playing." We first met Sheena back in August of this year. Shed never done bondage or been restrained in any way. Shed never done S&M and now shes wet at the thought. It's nice to find something new in life that you really enjoy. In just a few short mounts Sheena has gone from slut to deviant slut. I like a girl that smiles and moans as I slip my hand around her throat, slap her ass hard and call her a filthy whore. Sheena is that kind of girl.

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Ve Secret 
As she is new in this matter... Waw!! She learns very fast. I think she enjoys. Ve S


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