Yuki Mori Mad in Japan 

Hot little Yuki Mori joins me this week. This Japanese import defiantly showed up to get her kink on. Bondage, pain and orgasms is what Yuki was craving and thatís exactly what she got in spades. Yuki is a squirter, so keep plenty of towels handy because itís going to get messy.

Yukiís got a girlfriend, Ariel Rose, thatís how I met Yuki. Yuki came to watch Ariel and I a few weeks ago. Yuki liked what she saw and asked if I would like to play with her. Hard to say no to a hot little Japanese girl that wants you to tie her up and do kinky things to her. Just like before, Yuki showed up with Ariel Rose. By the start of the last set Ariel was asking to join in. "Only if you're naked," I said. Ariel stripped and reached for the vibrator. They both asked if they could come back in a few weeks so they could be dirty girls together for us.

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