Heidi Hanson Dirty Blues 

For our pleasure and her own, Heidi Hanson is taken to a place of tight restraint, heightened sexual awareness and stillness. There's nothing quite like bondage in the human experience. The submission that generally goes along with the act can be quite profound. Even in the simplest of ties I've seen can cause one have problems. The inability to let go emotionally or even just relax enough to truly enjoy them self. Then thereís the question of trust. Do you trust the person doing the tie, do you trust yourself enough to go there and let go. Its not an easy thing to do, let someone put you in a place of absolute helplessness. Its harder than you think. For Heidi, itís a chance to give up control. Give her self over to the experience, mind, body and soul. A place of stillness and immense sexual energy. Her mind focusís inward, nipples become erect, her skin becomes sensitive to the slightest touch, and yes she becomes very very wet.

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