Sheena Shaw Back For Seconds 

That Hot little piece of ass Sheena Shaw joins us for her second visit to FetishNation. I had such a great time with her on her first visit and found out the feeling was mutual. I wanted her back a.s.a.p. Now Sheena go’s there. For being new to bondage and S&M play she go’s deep. It’s like that peace of the puzzle she says that was always missing from her sex life. Pain, pleasure, and restraint… I’m more than happy to Help Sheena down the path of perversion. On this visit Sheena’s orgasms are even more intense than last time as she explores even further down the rabbit hole of her prevented fantasies. The bondage is tighter and the pain even more intense. The pleasure on Sheena’s face is amazing to see. I would have to say that Sheena’s got to be one of my top ten favorite FetishNation girls.

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