Jessi Palmer Chipped Polish 

Super hottie Jessi Palmer joins us this week. As it turns out, good things do come in small packages. At just 4’ 11” Jessi is petite, but with a smoking hot ass, natural breasts, a killer smile, and she's totally submissive. Her love of rope and being told what to do makes her incredibly hot. Hot as in wet. There’s a little quiver in her lower lip when she gets turned on that’s so amazing to see. From the top of Jessi’s pretty little head to the bottom of her feet, she just wants to play. Jessi wants to be a dirty girl. Doing what she’s told, getting spanked, flogged, caned, tied up and brought to incredible orgasms. Jessi is a damn hot little sub. Her eyes light up, her lip quivers and her pussy gets wet. The look in her eyes says, "I want to please".

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