Roxanne Hall Cane Slut 

Cane slut Roxanne Hall joins us this week in her 3rd appearance on

Sharp is how the sting of the cane is usually described. Its strike is intense, whether from light taps to all out full swings, there is no other feeling quite like the cane. As all impact toys, a cane is a toy of finesse. It can be used harshly or very lightly depending on the sensation you want to impart. When it comes to Roxanne, you had best be prepared to go there. For Roxanne she would rather be caned than orgasm.

In the moments before we start our scene, Roxanne turns to me and with a smile and says she can be marked. Her exact words are ďSir, I can be markedĒ. Roxanne knows in saying this she is setting a tone for the rest of the day. These words above all others are very important, models have to work and no one will hire them if they are all bruised up. This is always a discussion with any model; can you be marked or would you prefer not to be marked. This is a work related decision for them plain and simple and must be respected.

With Roxanne there is no warm up necessary, no gentle touch to start, no light taps. The first strikes on the front of her thighs are harsh. I know thatís what she wants. They welt up instantly.

Every time I play with Roxanne it just gets better and better. I do love me a good pain slut. Caning, bondage, D/S and more orgasmís than you can possibly imagine. When a submissive can no longer stand on their own two feet and must kneel on the floor with a big smile on their face, shaking with intense pleasure, you know Itís been a good day.

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