Proxy Paige SatAssfaction  

Sexy little anal slut Proxy Paige joins us once again. I just can’t help but want a tie her up and stick things in her tight ass, but then strictly speaking I’m a perv. Anytime Proxy comes to L. A. she has a standing offer to come over and shoot with us. There’s just something about her that make’s even doing the dirtiest things seem like good clean fun. Her bright smile, bubbly personality and smoking hot little body are quite the package. What Proxy really wants to do is get all tied up and then have me open her ass up. She loves ass play. Dildos, Large steel butt plugs, and big anal beads. Proxy knows she's in for a day of screaming orgasms and spends most of the day saying things like “O My God” and "I'm cuming". This time I even double penetrated Proxy in the last scene which made her eye’s roll back in her head. You can hear her muffled screams of ecstasy through the latex hood and neck corset. Tie Proxy up tight, Insert something fun into her ass and watch her orgasm after orgasm. With Proxy that’s a formula for a good time.

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