Dirty Cherry Torn 

Cherry Torn is back with us this week and the reason being is that I wanted to play with her myself. She just looked like so much fun and you know, I was right, Cherry is my kind of girl. Her bright hazel eyes and sunny disposition do nothing to hide the fact that she’s a dirty dirty girl. Just one look at Cherry and you can see she goes there. Sex positive is a way of life for her. No shame, nothing to hide, just sex bondage and good hard play turns Cherry on.

This was our first time ever shooting outdoors an entire video scene. Now, it was in a pretty upscale neighborhood here in Los Angeles, so I was a just a little worried about Cherry’s screams and loud orgasms getting the neighbor’s interested in what we were doing, but after all this is L.A. and no one really seemed to care. There’s nothing quite like bondage in the sun.

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