Luna Lux The Suffering Moon 

Luna Lux enthusiastically offers herself, body and mind as this week’s update. Luna, a lifestyle switch, has been playing in the scene for the last three years and until now it has been for private play and stage shows. Luna as of late decided to take the next step forward and share her play with the world as a whole. Appearing on FetishNation is her début into the world of internet bondage.

The dissension to share oneself in what could be considered extremely private moments of one’s life is always difficult. Letting total strangers watch as you're tied and brought to orgasm time and time again. Then humiliated by being made to crawl naked on the ground, masturbate on command, and lick boots. The reward for obedience? Spanking flogging, caning, clamps hung from your sweet sensitive little pussy, and tickled until you scream.

Luna gets all that and so much more. She shares her darkest secrets and fantasy’s with the whole wide world. Makes you just a little uneasy to think about and excited all at the same time doesn’t it.

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