Sex Machine Sea J Raw 

We love Sea J. Raw here at Fetishnation and thatís why sheís back again. This hyper sexual pain slut is always a good time. Sea J. is as tough as they come. Spank that hot ass of hers and she backs up and asks for more. Use the cane on her and she spreads her legs and cumís. I tie her upright and lace clamps up and down her pussy. She loses all control. She begs for a ride on the fucking machine which she see's sitting in the corner. You see, Sea Jís never been on one before and sheís dying to see what itís like. As the fucking machine pounds relentlessly away on Sea J. all she can do is have screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm. She's also totally hot.

This is why we keep having her back.

And did I mention that Sea J. wears the sexiest blue crystal butt plug through the whole sceneÖ

Sex Machine Sea J Raw

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