Sea J. Raw is Wet For Rope 
And I mean SERIOUSLY wet.
Let me introduce’s newest ultra hot piece of ass Sea J. Raw. Man is this chick smoking... She stands 5’11’’ and at the tender age of 23 has developed into a very kinky girl. Latex... yes, Spanking… yes, Bondage… yes. Is Sea J. a pain slut? If she’s not now she will be in the very near future. I give Sea J. her first caning and she loved it. So, I single tailed her ass just a little, she moaned and cum‘s. Pull clover clamps off her nipples, Sea J. screams and has a earth shaking orgasm. The one thing that there is no lack of with Sea J. is orgasms. This girl can cum and cum and cum… She told me, "When I can’t cum anymore, make me cum some more", and I did.

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