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"Three Times a Charm" with Isis Love - 74 Images

I give you Isis Love bound... Tied... Helpless… Looking so sweet and sexy... Like fruit that you could just reach out and pick. But first I have her pose for us and do what sexy women love to do, show themself off. This was not a hard sell by any means. Now Isis told me that she had not bottomed nor had been tied in something like four years. Now I have no reason to doubt her but if for any reason some one out there knows any thing different …Shhhhh. I don’t want to know… It took three times to get her tied. Slowly… With great reverence did I approach this. For Isis is a Dom and I just love tying Dom’s. Isis was nerves and unsure even if she wanted to be in bondage.. "Not to worry", I told her, "You’ll Look amazing, beautiful, and unbelievably sexy. You know what, I was right. Isis does. At first she panicked and I had to untie her. We took a moment…The second time Isis did better but in the end she had to come out. Now feeling self conscious the pressure was on. Isis told me if she was not able to do even a simple tie that I could Dom her… Really, I was hoping that she would fail. For what better way to spend an afternoon than have Isis Love down on hands and knees kissing my boots. But alas the third times a charm as they say. Isis settled into the tie looking sexy as hell and really getting into the moment. You be the judge. Where else are you going to find photo’s of Isis Love in bondage… I do hope to have her down on the floor naked and at my command some day. Hope does spring eternal.

After Isis said that I could Dom her if she could not do the tie, I did for just a fraction of a second think of making it so that it was imposable for her. Just the thought... The though of having Isis down on her knees and spanking that ass. Oh lets say it took me to a happy place, but to be fair it’s something I just could not do. Tie her unfairly that is. Spank that ass in a heart beat? "Yes!"

Isis Love tied for the first time in 4 years


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