Update 02.27.09 

"Sybilized" with Sybil Hawthorne - 38 Minutes Video

Sybil Hawthorne is back with us this week, a lifestyle submissive, full time slave and sexual deviant would be good words to describe her. Well trained, beautiful, and kinky as hell would all so be on that list. Yes, Sir, and Thank You, Sir, leaves her lips at all the right time's. I love lifestyle submissive's and dislike them all at the same time. They tend to internalize pain and pleasure. Not make a big show of it, but feel it all very deeply. Sybil loves pain, she eats it up and asks for more. It pushes her to some incredibly explosive orgasms. She is the obedient pain slut and dose it beautifully with style. Sybil is truly amazing to play with.




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