Update 01.06.09 

"When it Rayne's" with Amber Rayne - 71 Images

Bondage...Today it's all about the bondage, my first love. The art of tying beautiful woman in sensual if not sexual restraint, and who more beautiful and sensual than Amber Rayne. Amber has a sexuality about her, a heat, a fire, a passion. You feel that you could reach out and touch it. A vulnerable look in her eyes, kissable lips and a body that calls out to be bound. She also has and this is very important, the desire within herself to be tied and played with. What is the one thing that people desperately want their lover or play partner to do for them ? Want what they want, have the same longing and desires. Amber's submission, to me, to the rope was perfectly timed. She wanted to be there.

Peace, Ian


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