Update 01.18.08 

Some ladies come to the studio for the bondage. Some stop by for the orgasms. This shameless porn star (Her Name is Veronica) cums uncontrollably the whole time she’s at the studio and it’s obvious what category she falls into. In high heels, a latex garter and stockings, she cums with a vibrator on her clit and a dildo deep in her pussy while tied to my spanking horse. I add clothespins. She cums again. A ball gag soaked in her own pussy juice doesn’t seem to deter her from cumming. Neither did the OTK spanking I gave her or the strict rope bondage hogtie she was tied in later that day. In fact, I found out that Veronica Jett is the kind of girl that can cum from having a vibrator held on her asshole. Now, what kind of girl can cum from that? As Veronica said over and over again, “I’m a slut”. We certainly won’t hold honesty against her around here.


Eden stops by for the challenge of a good bondage tie. Seeing a beautiful woman all dressed up is hot. Seeing a hot woman doing insanely tough bondage is even hotter. As usual, Eden Wells outdoes herself on both counts in this sexy, and revealing, photo set. In a latex garter belt, stockings, ballet boots along with her ruby red nails and lips, this bondage tie was all her idea. It was a late night at the studio, and of course Eden wanted to do the most complicated thing possible. A single ankle suspension, which turned into to this split thing, wrists and hair tied to the floor make this tie both revealing and difficult. And what did she say right before she was hoisted off the floor by her pretty little ankle? “Don’t forget the clover clamps..”


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