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      • Update 06.26.09
        "Julie Simone" - 42 Minutes Video

        This week I give you Julie Simone. Part time Dom, full time perv and a switch by nature. It’s always exciting to Dom someone that Dom’s. Julie is kept constantly gagged and bound, or at least with a large black rubber cock in her mouth.

      • Update 06.19.09
        "Candle Boxxx" with Candle - 42 Minutes Video

        Candle Boxxx is back with us this week and I think I’m in lust. Dirty blonde hair, a pouty mouth and an ass that’s just smokin', all wrapped up with that look of innocence and charm. But don’t be deserved my friends, C

      • Update 06.16.09
        "Ass Over" with Belle Starr - 63 Images

        Naked bondage never looked so good. I've tied, flipped and vibrated that long legged blonde, Bella Starr. With the face of an angel and a body built for sin, Bella was great to tie. Those long legs were easy to flip up over her he

      • Update 06.12.09
        "Impudent Slut" with Lennox - 45 Minutes Video

        "Impudent Slut" Is all I could think as I sat and edited this weeks update. We add a new lady to our line up this week and what a little brat she turned out to be. Lets all say hello to Lennox. They say the small ones

      • Update 06.12.09
        "Black Seams" with Natalie Minx - 100 Images

        Natalie Minx…. I Adore her. Sweet, sexy and one hot piece of ass. I first met Natalie at a BBQ at a mutual friends house. Now this was no vanilla gathering, it was mostly people in the bondage scene or that worked in adult in s

      • Update 06.05.09
        "Bound" with Catherine de Sade - 51 Minutes Video

        This week I bring you Catherine de Sade, pain slut, anal whore and all around deviant. I call her these names with the assurance that upon reading this Catherine will stick four fingers inside herself, grab her vibrator and m

      • Update 06.03.09
        "Unforgiving" with Loren Chance - 73 Images

        I ran into Loren at an Amber Michael's shoot, Amber is putting out a line of girl/girl DVD's and Loren was working production. She has bright turquoise blue hair now. Like she said "Not much of a call for models with

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