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      • F.N. Blog goes live 03.31.08
        Welcome to the F.N.Blog.. We are now live. We are going to do something that seems quite uncommon among bondage and fetish bogs and turn the comments "on" which means you can add your thoughts. All I ask is that you be nice and be positive. Enough mean things are said in the world today. T

      • Update 03.28.08
        "The Milf Next Door" with Kylie Worthy

        Milfs, Milfs and more milfs, they seem to be hot right now. That and TS's and I'm not going down that path. So lets check out milfs and if that's the way it is, it might as well be Kylie Worthy. I've heard her descri

      • Update 03.21.08
        "Eden Exposed" with Eden Wells

        Eden Wells is quite the player in her personal life. She usually doesn't sub like this for video, hard bondage yes of course, that's different than a full interactive scene with D.S., bondage, caning, flogging and orgasms. This is the

      • Update 03.14.08
        "On Loan" with Erin Sinclair

        Beauty, sex, bondage and submission all played out for your and my personal enjoyment. There is just something truly satisfying about having a beautiful woman get down on her knees and kiss the ground you walk on out of submission. Literally kiss

      • Update 03.07.08
        "Simple Pleasures" with January Seraph

        This week Mz. Berlin takes January Seraph on a trip down the kinky road and on the way gets a lesson in proper bondage posture, punishment for swearing, cock sucking practice and a suspended fucking. Then we have the Dylan Ryan enjoying o

      • Update 02.29.08
        "To Be Bad" with Priscilla Russo

        Priscilla makes her way back to us. She called me on Monday and on Wednesday I had her strung up and cuming. It's great when someone like Priscilla with no or limited experience in bdsm has such a positive experience, that they call and

      • Update 02.22.08
        Kinky Diversions with Jade Indica

        This week at Fetish Nation I give you two dark haired vixens, both submissive's, and both are lifestyle. Not by design, merely by coincidence. Jade Indica in ridged restraint, suspended, and tightly bound in rope. Our second submissive, Mina, expe

      • Update 02.15.08

        Now not working with Ariel X for almost a year was definitely an oversight on my part. She's a dirty girl with a playfully submissive side. I ran into her at a party last week, she was looked stunning. Ariel raised her skirt to show me her ass just incase

      • Update 02.08.08
        "The Cosmic Game" with Dylan Ryan

        The return of Dylan... I do have many fetishes. One of them would be sexy, hyper intelligent women. There's just something overwhelmingly hot about brains.... to me. It means when they answer "yes" to something, they mean it,

      • Update 02.01.08

        I see Vicky about every few months. She loves bondage and D.S. play, but I think she loves being an exhibitionist even more. The thought of all of you watching her, gets her off more than doing it. This time it's all about sensory deprivation and

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